Work, Lilja 4-ever and antinatalism

[Author’s note: Nihilistic and depressing. I don’t endorse the opinions in this post. Also, some content may or may not be fictional.]

Yesterday was probably the most depressing day in months. What happened? Did a close relative die? Has my girlfriend left me? Did I lose my job? No, I don’t have a job. Or a girlfriend. I was just looking for internships. Why was that so dreadful? Because I felt like a slave, having to beg to be abused for several monthsYou have to suck up to zombified HR-drones to let you work for them unpaid. This is killing me. My future looks bleak. I don’t have a job but I already feel terrible just thinking about having to work. Well, whatever, I won’t have to work for at least 3 years, and until then I should have discovered some drug that makes being a corporate slave bearable – P-Zombax (HT Muflax).

Anyhow, in order to brighten up my mood I decided to watch Lilja 4-ever (read the plot or description on Wikipedia first, I don’t want to be directly responsible for your suicide). Great idea. This was definitely the most depressing, soul-crushing movie I’ve ever watched. And I’ve seen movies like Happiness or Requiem for a Dream. After less than 10 minutes of Lilja 4-ever I cried like a baby. This movie is littered with pointless suffering, sadistic cruelty and despair. But it get’s worse.

Lilya 4-ever is allegedly based on a true story. Heck, I bet there are thousands of girls who have suffered similar experiences! (Funny anecdote: The director said, only his strong Christian faith allowed him to make this movie. Great. I’m afraid this option isn’t available to me.) And here comes negative(-leaning) utilitarianism into play. How many people would have to lead happy lives to make up for the unimaginable suffering of this one little girl? Something like one billion? And they should better be really happy, I mean pathologically euphoric. Wouldn’t it be easier and more realistic to surrender and just end this tragedy here and now? Just say oops already.

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