“The Fun-Bias in psychology and psychotherapy”

Why do most psychologist ( and people in general for that matter) think that projective “tests” like the Rohrschach-test or the “family in animals”-test are valuable and informative?

Because they are fun. Fun to take, fun to work with, fun to talk about, fun to think about. What would you rather do the whole day? Work with the same boring, standardized IQ-test all day, or interpret the potentially schizophrenic drawings of little children? Easy choice.

Similarly, it’s much more fun to talk about the Oedipus-Komplex, the anal phase of little children (especially if your sexual preferences are so inclined) or the penis-envy of the hot chick (who ignores you) than to work with ANOVAs and factor-analysis.

And with creative interpretations of ink blots you can signal your intelligence. But that’s another story.

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