Scraping the last utilons out of your miserable existence

Below a slightly edited excerpt from a message in which I suggested to take a long vacation from work:

“If I won’t be able to work productively by February at the latest, I will resign from my job, commit myself to a mental hospital and undergo some form of intense therapy. I’m not sure what I’ll be able to do when hospitalized and high on 800mg of quetiapine but maybe I’ll continue to be capable of [doing a really easy task] here and there and so scrape the last few remaining utilons out of my miserable existence. On the other hand, this probably causes more overhead than it’s worth so there goes my justification for remaining alive. Oh well.”

Sure, it’s a bit grim but you gotta admit; the bit about “scraping the last utilons out of my miserable existence” is pretty funny. You gotta find pleasure in the little things.

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