The very best of Scott Alexander and Slate Star Codex

Scott Alexander is one of my favorite writers and Slate Star Codex is (by far) my favorite blog. It’s pretty difficult for me to communicate with people who haven’t read most of Slate Star Codex. It’s like trying to have a conversation with a frequentist Hegelian who doesn’t believe in evolution. The inferential distances are so huge, you don’t even know where to start.

At some point, I realized that not everyone wants to read absolutely everything by Scott Alexander. At first, I wanted to give up on humanity. But now I think that there could be a tiny chance that humanity is not completely doomed even if everyone reads only Scott’s top 50 posts or so. That’s why I created this list of my favorite posts of his.

The posts are sorted into somewhat arbitrary categories and the really good ones are marked in bold. The most super duper uber amazing crucial ones are marked in bold and italic.

My favorite posts by Scott Alexander

Coordination, game theory, decision theory or other profound things that vaguely relate to that sort of stuff

In favor of kindness, reason, truth, non-tribalism, and not demonizing the outgroup

The system is not your friend

Bayesianism, reductionism, rationality, diseased thinking, etc.

Scientific studies: Not as great as you might think…

… and (social) psychology is the worst

Is reality biologistic?

Politics – or why prediction markets should rule the world

Not everyone in the medical system is as brilliant as Scott…

…especially not when it comes to antidepressants

Doing good…

…in a world full of misery

Human psychology: a mixed bag

The ultimate mind-kill section

Lies, damned lies, and social media

Social justice

Feminism, race, sex, PUA, loaded terms, people yelling at each other, losing your faith in humanity, etc.

The library of Scott Alexandria

I also highly recommend Rob Bensinger’s “Library of Scott Alexandria” which is more extensive.

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